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Total Life Changes Business Presentation how the TLC home business works, the TLC products, compensation plan and overview.

We all started in this business because we liked the idea of being our own boss, the idea of working  the hours we choose, and the ability to work with like-minded entrepreneurs.But most of all, let´s not kid ourselves here, we joined for the income potential…

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The Key Benefits At A Glance…

  • Start up cost from as little as about US$50.00 but with Unlimited Earnings Potential
  • We have thousands of people earning thousands of dollars per month part time
  • We have several people  who started part time and have become millionaires
  • We are still in the early stages of growth – the best possible time to join us
  • Free Online Store and Website
  • You are the boss, you work the hours you wish and with whom you wish.
  • The best rewards plan in the world, ever.
  • TRILLION DOLLAR market with insatiable demand.
  • You can work from anywhere in the world.

You have products that are easy to sell, you can build a team if you want to, most importantly you can make money from day one.

WAIT! This is not a “scam”. This is how network marketing was meant to be.

In most Network Marketing companies you have a high personal sales quota to reach each and every month, in order to receive bonuses and overrides on any team that you might build. This is typically around $1000 to $1500 in sales volume. The problem is that according to the industry authorities, around 95% of all people either CANNOT SELL or DON´T WANT TO HAVE TO SELL anything. It has to be easy. You have to have products that are in great demand and that are super easy to sell, even for a non-salesperson.

TLC recognizes this fact and so in order to “qualify” your business each month, to be able to take part in the ´override commissions´part of the plan, you simply have to meet the massive sales quota of …… about $45.00. So there you have it, you have just learned our secret ingredient to success….. YOU don´t have to sell anything if you don´t want to, you can build a team instead and just buy products for yourself. Or, you can sell the products AND build a team and earn the real big money!

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Who Do You Know That Would Like to Lose Weight ?


Our Flagship product is the IASO Tea. This retails at $44.95 for a months supply (which is 4 packs of tea, each lasting 5-7 days). You get 50% commission on ALL products. The beauty of this product is that you can sell each of the four packs easily for $15 if you wish and virtually everyone that tries the product will lose weight FAST.  The reorder rate from customers is astounding, meaning that just with this one product, you can build a residual income very, very quickly.

Try it for 5 days, lose 5lbs guaranteed!

The product works by literally cleansing your body from the inside, eliminating harmful toxins that have built up in your body, so that it can repair itself. This all natural blend of herbs is taking the USA by storm and has resulted in tens of thousands of unsolicited testimonials.

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Let’s have coffee sometime …

Of course not everyone drinks tea. The coffee market is worth a staggering $100 Billion worldwide. Now you can buy a box of gourmet coffee (comes in sachets), hand out to people who love coffee and who also want to lose some weight and a few days later, you will have orders coming in. It´s that simple!

Yes, it works like the tea. This product is producing astounding sales in South America and now Spain and the rest of Europe are waking up to the benefits too. Many people in our team are earning big with just this one product!


Again, about $44.95 for a months supply and 50% commission to you. For best results, brew up a couple of cups, share with a friend… they will love it!

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Want to lose weight even faster?

Check out the Resolution 20 product. Just take 10 resolution drops before meals and…. you will lose 1lb to 3lbs PER DAY. Healthy, proven, easy. Now you can offer a product that gets results within DAYS not weeks. And remember, all products come with a full 30 day guarantee, results or money back.

resolution drops TLC

Cost is $79.95 for a months supply, your commission as all products is 50%.

Are you taking your Vitamins ?

Millions of people take vitamin pills every day to supplement their diets but did you know that your body only absorbs about 30% of the nutrients contained in vitamin pills. Another game changer from TLC : Nutraburst. One tablespoon per day is like eating 10 salads. Thousands of customers have reported massive improvements in overall health and energy levels from this incredible product!


Of course, the trillion dollar health and wellness industry is not just about losing weight and feeling great, it´s also about looking great too!

So TLC has a range of skin care products to astound your customers too…

Over 90% of people buy this on sight once demonstrated. It costs $59.95, which is enough for about 100 applications. The product is mostly purchased by BOTH MEN AND WOMEN over age 30 …. and virtually all of them order it again and again and …. well, you get the idea. Building up a nice, growing, residual income for you that just won´t stop!

 Hint > how many Beauticians, Skin Care experts, Cosmetic sellers, Hair Salons etc etc are there locally to you? Would any of them want to know more after seeing the video? … building a team is a breeze when you think smart !

There are more great products too but let´s just keep it simple…

To summarize, you CAN market the products wherever and however you wish, locally, on Facebook, whatever… and we will help you. What actually happens with the TLC business is that as you start sharing the products with others, even just samples, people with sales ability are attracted to your team like bees to honey!

Aha! I KNEW there was a CATCH ! I have to buy products every month, right ?

Before you think, hey, I KNEW there was a catch, please consider if you would be happy to buy any ONE of the following items from YOUR OWN STORE rather than the local superstore… COFFEE, TEA, FRUIT, VEGGIES, HERBS, MAKE-UP ?

Of course, you might already be buying these sort of things for yourself and for your family already, right? That is proof that again, you do not need to do any selling. Just buy for yourself if you wish and build a team OR go and retail the products. Or sell the products AND build a team. It´s YOUR business, you decide. Remember there is no investment so there is no risk. The are no sales quotas, you can build your residual income at your own pace.

Building a Team does NOT mean that you have to twist the arms of your friends and family…

We won´t insult your intelligence by pretending that you won´t of ever heard of network marketing before. EVERYONE has SOME idea of what it is and how it works. At one time or another, we are all sold on the concept of “multi-level-marketing” and many of us have tried it and failed dismally. There are a number of reasons for this, the primary one being the high sales quotas which mean that typically, we are looking to build a team of sales people in order to get rich. And it´s just too hard for most people to do this. For that reason, according to the Direct Selling Association (USA and UK) about 85% of network marketing distributors QUIT within the first twelve months and average earnings in the industry are well below $10,000 per year.

You remember how the´pitch´goes, right? …. “It´s easy”, they say, “you just have to get 5 people”… then they get 5 each so that you have 25 people on your second level. That turns into 125 on your third level and 625 on your fourth…. and before you know it,  you have thousands of people who sell millions of products and you earn a small percentage which can be millions of dollars a month in your pocket!

What a load of B.S. !

In reality, not only can the majority of people NOT sell anything if their life depended on it, they cannot recruit either! The truth is, most network marketing companies are still using an outdated recruiting model like this…

  1. Build a list of your family and friends then
  2. Invite them to a meeting and then
  3. Try and explain the business and sell some product.

This is how it has been done since the 1950´s and well, “If it ain´t broke, don´t fix it”, right?

One Team. One Dream. One Message. $500 Million in Sales.

Wake Up, We´re in the 21st Century!

Have you heard of Facebook ? or Twitter ? or Pinterest ? Instagram? … Email ? Text messaging ?….. the way we communicate these days is completely different to how our parents did so. There are more mobile telephones on the planet than there are people. One in every seven people checks in with their 300 (average) Facebook friends every day. That is a billion souls socializing via the internet, just on Facebook, every day! ….

Social Media and the Internet has changed the way that networkers build their business, forever. Of course, you CAN approach friends and family the old fashioned way if you wish. Of course you can hold in-home parties, give out samples at work and at the gym… it is your business to build as you wish, just plug in to our proven systems and go for it!


So, if I don´t want to sell the products, I have to go and recruit lots of people instead?

Actually, those in the know have discovered that the average network marketer, based on the old model of looking for sales people, only ever managed to recruit two to three people before they quit the business. And you don´t have to recruit others if you don´t want to, you can make plenty just from retailing the products. Again, TLC has made it super easy for everyone to succeed in building their own team …. you only have TWO spots to fill. Yes, TWO. Period.

We call them ´legs´… so you have a right leg and a left leg. Let´s say that you find two people to fill these spots. Bill and Hillary. You could put Bill on your left leg and Hilary on your right and …. you are now “binary qualified”. Sorry, you cannot have anymore!

TLCINFO binary diagram 1

So, what if you have someone else who wants to join the business? …. now lets say that your friends Obama and Michelle come along and want to join the business too. You have already filled your own two spots so now you have to put them in someone else´s two spots. You could do it like this…

TLCINFO binary diagram 2

So not only are you building YOUR team, in effect, you are in this example also building the teams of both Bill and Hillary. So Bill and Hillary now get people in their team and they earn an override commission on their new team members´ sales and so do you. Bill and Hillary have done nothing, yet their team is growing and so is their income.

No selling and now, no recruiting either? ….well, that is not quite true. In order to become binary ´qualified´ you have to introduce (personally sponsor) one person ANYWHERE on each leg. The whole of the rest of your team can be introduced (sponsored) from anywhere else, either by those that joined before you (your “upline”) or by those that join after you (your “downline”).

This “forced, two by two matrix” means that everyone that joined the business before you is going to be helping you to build YOUR team, as they can only place their recruits (after their first two) into their matrix in someone elses two spots… Some people will only ever get their first two recruits, one for each leg, but the vast majority of our IBO´s find it easy to recruit dozens, even hundreds of other people into this business. Please take a moment to reflect on this and what it could mean for YOU. It´s exciting, isn´t it?


“So…No selling unless I want to, no hassling people I know to join, come on then … what´s the catch ?”

Here´s the meat and potatoes! … you already have all of the really important information. You join and buy some product for yourself (or to use as samples) Then you can use social media to advertise the opportunity to the masses, for free. You can use traditional methods to retail the product and build a team if you want to.  You set aside whatever time you can each day to build your business. If you want to build a team and go for the really big rewards,  you are only looking for two people, ever, who you will then teach and help to copy what you did. Along the way, everyone who joined before you is going to want to help you. There is no risk. It all makes sense, only YOU can talk yourself out of getting started, only YOU can talk yourself out of making it happen for YOU. All we can do is put the information in front of you and let you make up your mind.


 So what now?

You have a decision to make. You can leave, no harm done, “this is not  for me”. OR … you could learn more: we have provided some links to the most Frequently Asked Questions below. Or you might want to visit the website of the person that invited you here, take a look around, maybe try some products, maybe even join the business. The person that invited you here would become your ´sponsor´ in the business – you can contact them via their TLC website if you have any further questions or want to get started.

That´s it.  Thank you so much for giving us your time today and good luck to you, whatever you decide.

Use the contact form below when you have signed up, or if you have any urgent questions. We´ll make sure that you get invited to our facebook groups and free training resources.


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